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"I cannot speak highly enough about Ready Set Read. After struggling with reading and writing in school and receiving minimal support we reached out to Jennifer from Ready Set Read. Jennifer was able to immediately start working with our son and within only a few weeks we noticed a huge difference, our son was actually reading and writing! Jennifer is so knowledgeable and has years of experience; she was able to immediately understand our son's challenges and design an individual curriculum to fit his needs. Jennifer is kind and personable and our son actually enjoys his tutoring sessions. She even mailed him a certificate of achievement! Jennifer has also gone above and beyond and helped us to work within our school district to request additional support. Our son has struggled for years and again it is only through Ready Set Read that our son has been able to grasp the fundamentals of reading and writing and gain back the confidence that he lost. He is also now reading and writing at grade level after less than 2 months.  I enthusiastically recommend Ready Set Read and am eternally grateful for the progress that my son is making every day."


“The help my daughter received from Sarah at Ready, Set, Read! was life changing for her educational path. Prior to her 1:1 work with Sarah, my daughter lacked serious self confidence in reading. She struggled through both kindergarten and first grade, tinkering on the edge of retainment due to her low test scores. Sarah helped her enjoy reading & spelling. She made it fun & exciting for her. We noticed extreme progress not only with her confidence, but also her test scores after the help she received. We’re so thankful for all of Sarah’s help & would highly recommend Ready, Set, Read! to anyone who needs a little extra assistance.”


"Jen's enthusiasm and genuine care for students create an incredibly positive environment. Her energy is infectious and is truly admired by all students."


"My student learns better with Jen than he does in school! I am so thankful to Jen for giving him the confidence he needed."


We were fortunate to find Jen Pettey for our son, Jackson, in July, and the journey since then has been nothing short of transformative. Jen's expertise in sound In syllables tutoring has not only significantly improved Jackson's reading skills but has also remarkably boosted his confidence—a change that extends beyond the pages of any book. Jen possesses a unique blend of patience, skill, and understanding that makes learning accessible and enjoyable for Jackson. Her tailored approach caters to his specific needs, ensuring that each session not only enhances his academic skills but also nurtures his love for learning. The progress he has made under her guidance is impressive, reflecting in both his academic performance and his self-assurance. More than just a tutor, Jen has become a valued partner in Jackson's educational journey. Her commitment to his success is evident in every lesson, every encouragement, and every stride Jackson makes. We are incredibly grateful for the positive impact she has had on our son and our family. For any parent considering a tutor for their child, we cannot recommend Jen highly enough. She not only brings out the best in her students academically but also empowers them to believe in themselves. Jen Pettey is truly exceptional, and we are so thankful to have her in our lives.


“Sarah is an amazing tutor and an incredible person! In a short time, she established exactly what our son needed in order for him to be truly successful. She genuinely cares about our son's progress and celebrates every victory with him. The academic growth, confidence, and comfort in learning we see definitely make us happy parents!” -Matt

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